Royal Bavarian Jäger Regiment Nr. 1
Weapons and Equipment
Okay, so you need equipment.  Every German soldier needs a basic kit to survive in the mountains.  This weapons
and equipment page is divided into two sections: Minimal Gear and Additional Gear
Since this hobby is an investment, some items are going to take time and money to acquire.
WARNING: Using firearms blank or otherwise is hazardous and all applicable safety rules apply.
BE PATIENT!  Some items you can do without!  Over time you can acquire all the items on both lists.  The goal is
to get there with the least amount of wasted money and to meet your budget needs.
Note: remember to hit the back button when clicking on an item or right click to open in a new tab or window
M-1916 Helmet (aka STAHLHELM)
An original is your best bet on this but expect to pay
$300 or more.  A reproduction costs around:
Buy a restored ORIGINAL HERE:
Mauser Rifle - Gewehr 98
In 7.9 mm, bolt-action, the mainstay of the German
Army, Get a G-98 not a Turkish or other foriegn
copy.  Available through private seller as low as
$250.  Better condition rifles cost around:
$350 to
$450 dollars.
Ammo Pouches
These are black or brown
leather pouches that hold 30
rounds each of rifle ammo.  
Two pouches cost around:
click here to buy a pair
Breadbag (knapsack)
This is a gray-green or
brown canvas bag that hangs
on your belt to hold your
personal items, rations etc.  
Your canteen hangs from a
clip-ring & tab on the outside
Breadbag reproductions cost
click here to buy one
This is a cloth-covered metal
canteen that hangs on the breadbag
using a leather strap with a clip
.  A good condition original is
available Cost:
$55 - $95
click here to buy a good reproduction
Bayonet w/carrier
bayonet/scabbard plus carrier
costs around
Shovel w/carrier
Flat-bladed short straight
shovel with a rounded wooden
handle or folding style.
Shovel and carrier should be
The first piece of field gear
recommended after obtaining
your basic equipment.
This is
where you store most of your extra
gear.  Very large and useful.
Cost around:
Zeltbahn (pronounced "Seltbonn")
This is a gray canvas shelter-half and
can be used like a poncho.  
Reproduction cost around:
click here to buy a good reproduction
Overcoat (Mantel)
This is a wool coat that is heavy
and can keep you warm in mild
to moderate cold temperatures
(25 to 60 degrees F)
Reproduction cost around:
click here to buy a good
Soldier's Paybook (Soldbuch)
This item contains your personal
information, pay, qualifications,
A quality reproduction can be had
for around:
click here to buy a Soldbuch
Gas Mask w/carrier can
This is a standard item with
every soldier carried in the
Originals cost around:
click here to buy a mask
Mess Kit
This is different from the
WW-II  by having a larger body
and lid handle.
Originals cost around
click here to buy one
Snow/Ski Goggles
A useful piece of equipment that will
enhance the look of your impression.
click here to buy a pair
Ice Ax & 30' ft coil rope
for ice & rock ascents.
Identification Disk
"Erkennungsmarke" small ID disk
worn on a cord around a soldier's
click here to buy an ID Disk
Flashlight (Taschenlampe)
PAUL ANFT, 2nd Garde Grenadiers, 1910