Royal Bavarian Jäger Regiment Nr. 1
German Alpenkorps
The members of the 1st Jäger Reenactors participate in World War One events as elite
mountain soldiers of the German Army's ALPENKORPS.  The Alpenkorps fought on
nearly every front from the Vosges Mountains in Alsace, to the Tirolean - Italian front, to
Romania in the East, and the Western Front in Belgium and France.
Our Motto is "Berg Heil"
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"Wir Kamaraden der Berge"
Soldat von der
1st Jäger Regiment
Member of 2nd Battalion, 1st Jäger
Late war, 1st Jäger Rgt
wearing 1915 Bluse
"BROTHER'S in ARMS" - From a "Snow Shoe"
Here is an example of the "ski litewka" (fatigue jacket),
ski/mountain cap, note "S" on the collar of the jackets
Late war Alpenkorps: Sergeant wearing 1915