Gebirgsjäger Regiment Nr. 98
Mountain Infantry of the German Army
in WW-II, 1939 to 1945
The 98th Gebirgsjäger Reenactors (pronounced "gebirgsyaygers") was formed in the Fall of 2009
and is a member unit of the California Historical Group.  The unit participates in
War Two
events as elite mountain soldiers of the German Army.  The members of the 98th
are veteran reenactors with over 50 years aggregate experience in reenacting the eras of
WWII, WWI, American Civil War, U.S. Indian Wars, Revolutionary War, and other eras
such as mountain man & Elizabethan times.  Our members have studied and travelled
extensively throughout the United States, Germany, North Africa/middle east & the
Mediterranean Region.  Many also are veterans of the U.S. military (some currently
serving).  With that experience, our members, in forming the 98th GJR, are dedicated
and focused on re-creating the life of the German mountain soldier.
The Gebirgsjäger or "mountain rifleman/hunter" was a hardy individual with a special
skill and determination typical of the people from the mountains of Southern Germany,
the Tyrolean Alps, and Austria.  Our unit is looking for men and women who wish to
portray these hardy folk in the Kaserne (barracks) and want to reenact
World War Two
battles as part of a strong, proud team.  The 98th GJR, besides battles and barrack
reenactments, also have training days consisting of rock climbing, basic mountaineering,
mountain hikes/camping, equipment restoration, and German language skills.  Our
desire is that, in looking through the pages of this website, you will want to join our unit.
The 98th GJR motto is "Immer Weiter Machen"
which in English means "Always Moving Forward"
When a 98th member meets or greets a fellow gebirgsjäger, the customary greeting is
"Immer Weiter Machen"
to which the fellow member replies,
"Macht Es Mit Kraft"
which in English means "Do It With Strength".  The greeting and reply is meant as a
term of endearment to show "Kamaradschaft" and solidarity to the "Einheit" (unit).
CONTACT: Walter Ritter
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wing organizations.  If you are looking for any national socialist/neo-nazi this is not the site for you!
All members of this group abide by all state and federal laws, believe in the freedom of the press, and support the
CONSTITUTION of the United States and the rights, privileges, freedoms, and responsibilities which comes from
belonging to a free and open society!  The men and women we honor in these pages, have shed their blood, given their
lives, and deserve our gratitude.