Jäger Regiment Nr. 1 & GJR 98
ALPENKORPS of the German Army
in WW-I & WW-II
The less than comprehensive, yet important, quick guide for reenacting a German Soldier
The Jäger Regiment Reenactor's goals are to be as authentic as possible with the minimal
costs, inconvenience, and mistakes regarding our equipment, food, clothing, and
mannerisms/dialogues.  The reward for this hard work is having a good time and
experiencing the "moment in time".
1.  Arrive in uniform or period civilian attire, or if not: Get in uniform ASAP
2.  Pre-prepare your gear, clothes, and foodstuffs, pack them so that they are accessible
when you arrive.  HINT: Take a day off from work, ARRIVE EARLY!
3.  Use appropriate canvas stowage bags, a wicker basket, or other suitable container to
stow your gear & uniforms.  NO PLASTIC BOXES, NO WIRE or PLASTIC HANGERS.
4.  Have the correct bedding for the barracks: wool blanket & blue/white blanket cover
or for serious cold (if you must); a G.I. cold weather sleeping bag (captured) or civilian
bag with a blue/white checked duvet (or wool blanket) sewn to the outside.
5.  When arriving to the barracks, get yourself/bedding/gear done right away; that means
make your bed, set up your gear, and get in uniform!  Bring a wooden or steel folding
chair for your personal comfort and for eating dinner in the barracks.
6.  When arriving to a field event, get yourself/bedding/gear done right away; that means
set up your tent, gear, and get in uniform!  When notified of an event that goes active at
arrival; put on your rucksack, sling your rifle; be ready for the road march to the camp!
7.  Uniforms:  Only authorized clothing, socks, boots, gloves, coats, undershirts/shirts,
and if possible correct underwear (they make repro long johns).
9.  Food must be wrapped in butcher paper/wax paper/paper bags: NO PLASTIC!
10. No modern snacks, no gatorade, no potato chips, Coca-Cola in bottles is Ok but
FANTA is preferred.  SODAS should be in limited quantities, WATER stowed in cleaned
out "stopper" type beer bottles is the preferred drink!  German, French, Italian beers
and wines are Ok for after-battle hours at night (exception: 24-hour scenarios).  
Chocolate must be German/Swiss or Belgian with modern wrappers removed.  Glass
jars: Ok with modern labels removed.
11. When in a field event or in the barracks, stay in character throughout.  Practice your
German, use English only when necessary; You're re-enacting a Deutsche Soldat!
12. Act like a German soldier, LEARN your commands, practice, practice, practice!
13.  Learn the Jäger Songbook..  German soldiers sang a lot!
14.  We will have a period lantern or candle burning in the barracks or camp.  It is called
the "ECHTE LAMPE" (authentic lamp).  When it is lit it means NO FARB ALLOWED!
15.  FINALLY, come out to the battle with a "can-do" attitude, make the best time of it!
CONTACT: Walther Ritter
Rules for Reenacting