Gebirgsjäger Regiment Nr. 98
Mountain Infantry of the German Army
in WW-II, 1939 to 1945
Walther Ritter
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$^^^wieder^^^again^^^;^^^Stuhl^^^chair^^^;^^^bitte^^^please^^^;^^^Zeigen sie mir^^^Show me^^^;^^^sofort^^^right away^^^;^^^folgen sie ihm^^^follow
him^^^;^^^Was haben sie gemacht? (formal, sie = you)^^^What have you done?^^^;^^^Was hast du gemacht?^^^What have you
done?^^^;^^^Decke^^^blanket^^^;^^^wegtreten^^^fall out^^^;^^^Wie?^^^How?^^^;^^^Morgen^^^morning, tomorrow^^^;^^^heute^^^today^^^;^^^genau^^^right,
exactly^^^;^^^hin setzen / keine bewegung^^^sit down / don't move^^^;^^^Wer da?^^^Who's there?^^^;^^^Wo gehst du? (informal) / Wo gehen sie?
(formal)^^^Where are you going?^^^;^^^her auf damit^^^stop it^^^;^^^kalt^^^cold^^^;^^^heiss^^^hot^^^;^^^weil^^^because^^^;^^^Aufwachen!^^^Wake
^yesterday^^^;^^^frühstuck^^^breakfast^^^;^^^mantel^^^coat^^^;^^^Was^^^What^^^;^^^Ich denke^^^I think^^^;^^^vortreten^^^come
forward^^^;^^^vielleicht^^^perhaps^^^;^^^Ich glaube nicht^^^I do not believe it^^^;^^^sei ruh
ig^^^be quiet^^^;^^^wer^^^who^^^;^^^was haben sie gesehen^^^what did you see^^^;^^^ganz toll^^^totally great!^^^;^^^warte (vahrkta)^^^wait^^^;^^^langsam
gehen^^^go slow^^^;^^^Ich bin durstig^^^I am thirsty^^^;^^^Darf Ich?^^^May I?^^^;^^^Wo bist du?^^^where are you^^^;^^^Sagt mal^^^tell me^^^;^^^gehe
hinter^^^go behind^^^;^^^Sein^^^To be^^^;^^^naturlich^^^Of course, naturally^^^;^^^wenig^^^a little^^^;^^^Schlafen^^^to sleep^^^;^^^Stark
(shtark)^^^Strong^^^;^^^noch nicht^^^not yet^^^;^^^ruhrt, euch^^^at ease^^^;^^^Was machts du den?^^^What are you doing?^^^;^^^Schwer
(shvair)^^^Heavy^^^;^^^Es war (var)^^^It was^^^;^^^
pas auf^^^be careful^^^;^^^Woher wissen sie das?^^^How do you know this?^^^;^^^genug^^^enough^^^;^^^zu weit (tsoo vite)^^^too far^^^;^^^Wo ist mein
Krug?^^^Where is my beer stein?^^^;^^^fertig (fairtik)^^^ready, done^^^;^^^Das ist schlecht^^^That is bad!^^^;^^^Nachtisch^^^dessert^^^;^^^Mein name (nahma)
ist^^^My name is^^^;^^^Ich komme aus Heidelberg^^^I come from Heidelberg^^^;^^^Ich komm gleich^^^I'm coming right away^^^;^^^erste
(airsta)^^^first^^^;^^^gleich^^^same / equal / right away^^^;^^^
wirklich^^^really^^^;^^^Ist noch Bier da?^^^Is there any beer left?^^^;^^^Ehrlich^^^honest or really^^^;^^^voran^^^go on^^^;^^^Angetreten^^^Fall in!^^^;^^^Woche
(vowka)^^^week^^^;^^^Gebt es Mir^^^Give it to me^^^;^^^Es gibt^^^There is/There are^^^;^^^Wie viele?^^^How many?^^^;^^^Noch etwas?^^^something
else?^^^;^^^Tschuss (choos)^^^goodbye (berlin style)^^^;^^^moment mal^^^just a second^^^;^^^Na schön (shern)^^^OK, agreed^^^;^^^Wie viel?^^^How
much?^^^;^^^Warum?^^^Why?^^^;^^^Keine sorgen^^^Don't worry^^^;^^^Hilfe mich!^^^Help me!^^^;^^^Geh weg!^^^Go away!^^^;^^^Stunde
(shtoonda)^^^Hour^^^;^^^niemals^^^never^^^;^^^Später (shpayter)^^^Later^^^;^^^niemand^^^nobody^^^;^^^
Ich bin Werwundet (vairvoondet)^^^I'm wounded^^^;^^^Gut (goot)^^^good^^^;^^^Was fehlt ihm?^^^What's wrong with
him?^^^;^^^Messer^^^knife^^^;^^^Gabel^^^fork^^^;^^^Loeffel^^^spoon^^^;^^^Wie spät? (vee shpate)^^^What time is it?^^^;^^^Ich weiss nicht (ihk vice neesht)^^^I
don't know^^^;^^^Foos^^^foot^^^;^^^Ich bin müde^^^I am tired^^^;^^^Sie gehen^^^They go, she goes, You go (formal)^^^;^^^Ich gehe, Du gehst^^^I go, you go
(Informal)^^^;^^^Gehen^^^to go^^^;^^^ein Mal^^^one time^^^;^^^Ich bin^^^I am^^^;^^^Sie sind (zee zint)^^^They are^^^;^^^Wir sind (veer zint)^^^We are^^^;^^^Wir
(veer)^^^We^^^;^^^Mir (meer)^^^(to) Me^^^
;^^^Wie geht es dir (informal)^^^How are you?^^^;^^^Dir (deer)^^^You (informal)^^^;^^^Sie, sie (zee)^^^You (formal), They, she^^^;^^^bleiben^^^stay^^^;^^^Er
(air)^^^He^^^;^^^Dich (dish)^^^(to) You^^^;^^^Ich (Ihk or Ish)^^^I or Me^^^;$

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Use the pronunciation tips below to practice with
"Wie mann die Deutsche Sprache lernt" = How to learn the German Language
Pronunciation Tips - - -
Wer = Who; pronounced VAIR              Was = What; pronounced VASS
= When; pronounced VANN            Wo = Where; pronounced VO
= How; pronounced VEE                Warum = Why; pronounced VAROOM
Letter W = pronounced with a "V" sound       Letter V = pronounced with an "F" sound  
Z at start of a word = pronounced as an "S"      S at start of a word = pronounced as "Z"
before a "t" = pronounced as "Shtuh"
words w/letters EI = pronounced "AYE"      words w/letters IE = pronounced "EEE"
Zu Befehl! = As ordered = Soo Befell
! = Careful!= Fourzisht
= Attention = Shtillgeshtanden
=  As You Were = Vightermaaken
= Flying = Fleeeguh
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