Gebirgsjäger Regiment Nr. 98
German Mountain Infantry 1939-1945
The History of the Regiment during World War II
The 98th Gebirgsjager Regiment was formed in Garmisch-Partenkirchen area from elements of mountain-trained police of the Bavarian
Alps in 1935.  Historically, German mountain troops have used, as their branch identifying device, the Edelweiss patch & cap device.
The EDELWEISS is a flower that grows only in the high alpine regions of Continental Europe.  The Edelweiss Insignia was first used by
Austrian mountain soldiers as a symbol of prestige during the First World War.  German soldiers, who had been assigned to a joint
German-Austrian Mountain Corps during the fighting in Italy and the Balkans, adopted the symbol in honor of their Austrian comrades
and as a headpiece insignia on their caps to signify their service in the Mountain Corps.  During the between-war period of the German
Weimar Republic, a mountain brigade was formed in the German Army (Reichsheer) using veteran soldiers with specialized skills in
mountain warfare.