World War One and World War Two - German
What can I expect in Reenacting?
Reenacting World War One & Two is very similar to reenactments of the Civil War / Revolutionary War, etc. The difference is that the uniforms,
equipment, and the vehicles used during the World Wars are contemporary designs. That means you can use some plastics, drink coca-cola in a bottle,
drive cars, jeeps, listen to phonographs, use land-line telephones and radio equipment.  A lot of the uniforms / equipment are original and using that
equipment gives a great feeling of living the history of the Era. Also jazz music, swing dancing and big band era music is very popular and many
reenactors enjoy this aspect of the hobby. To reenact the World Wars, you can expect camaraderie of fellow historians who want to honor the sacrifices
of their great, great-grandfathers, fathers, uncles, mothers, and even great-grandmothers. You can expect fun and excitement of loading gear and taking
to the field in original wagons, jeeps, trucks, and armored vehicles of the Era.  Most of all, you can gain a respect for all the people of this world who
suffered through that terrible time in our history.

Where do the battle reenactments/public displays take place?
Several events take place throughout the year. Many tactical battles occur once each month (1 weekend) between September to May. These take place
at Camp Roberts Army Base, Boy Scout Camps, and other recreational areas throughout California that are available through land-use permits.  Trench
battles for Great War (WW-I) take place in trenches on a private estate! Public displays usually are during the summer months and include Old Fort
MacArthur Days in San Pedro in July and parades scheduled for Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and Fourth of July.

How much does it cost?
To build your basic uniform, it will cost approximately $700.00 This includes the cost of pants, shirt, belt, and cap. It also includes a very important piece
to be authentic.  
BOOTS ! The proper brown leather issue-type boots  is very important to make your impression look good. Nothing looks worse than
having all the right uniforms, weapons, helmet, gear and then when it comes to footwear you  have
unauthentic boots or shoes
Add another
$450 to $700 dollars for a rifle and field gear.

FOR WW-I Uniforms: click here & Equipment: click here    FOR WW-II Uniforms: click here  & Equipment: click here

NOTE: Some loaner uniforms and gear are available to new members. The purpose of this gear is NOT for interested persons to TRY OUT
reenacting. It is for a new member who, because of budget constraints, is missing a portion of gear to make his impression correct. THIS IS AN
EXPENSIVE HOBBY, although after the initial purchase of basic gear, the costs will go way down. It takes about $1000.00 dollars to get all the basic
gear you would need to really enjoy this hobby. Several members of this unit have invested over $30,000 dollars in buying vehicles and equipment for the
enjoyment of the unit.  It is not expected that every member make such a monumental purchase, however, each member is responsible in acquiring their
basic uniform/equipment/weapon needed to take to the field. We are serious about honoring the sacrifices of our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, &
neighbors. We won't force you to come out to have fun. You get what you put into it. We strive hard to be authentic, learn our infantry jobs, and have
fun in the process.  If you are
17 1/2 years or older, healthy, motivated to learn, willing to do your research, and still interested, READ ON !

Membership Dues in the WW-II;
California Historical Group is $25.00 for a year.
Membership Dues in the WW-I;
Great War Historical Society is $25.00 for a year.

Battle Fees at the Tactical Reenactments cost
$25.00 for each member and pays for Barracks-Use Rental, Insurance, etc.

NOTE: For WW-II: If you bring an authorized WWII military vehicle to a CHG event your battle fee is waived (free).

You will end up buying at least one wrong item.

Still interested in joining  "1st Jäger Regiment, WW-I" or "98th Gebirgsjäger Regt, WW-II"?
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