"C" Company, 27th Regt.
25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army
"WOLFHOUNDS" in VIETNAM, 1966 to 1971
The 27th Regiment Reenactors was formed in the Summer of 2012.  The unit participates
in Vietnam Era events as soldiers of the U.S. Army.  The members of the Wolfhounds are
veteran reenactors with over 50 years aggregate experience in reenacting the eras of
WWII, WWI, American Civil War, U.S. Indian Wars, Revolutionary War, and other eras
such as mountain man & Elizabethan times.  Our members have studied and travelled
extensively throughout the United States, Germany, North Africa/middle east & the
Mediterranean Region.  Many also are veterans of the U.S. military (some currently
serving).  With that experience, our members, in forming the 27th Regiment, are
dedicated and focused on re-creating the life of the combat soldier in Vietnam.
Our unit is looking for men who wish to portray these soldiers who sweated it out on the
firebases, humped the hills, and hacked through the jungle.  Our desire is that, in looking
through the pages of this website, you will want to join our unit.

CONTACT: Walter Hanna, 27th Regiment NCO at

Walter Hanna
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