"C" Company, 27th Regt.
25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army
"WOLFHOUNDS" in VIETNAM, 1966 to 1971
The following list and the accompanying descriptions are the basic load for an
infantryman.  It is the minimal gear you need to be in the field.  If it is not on this list, wait,
don't buy it!  CONSULT with the SQUAD LEADER beforehand!  California law requires
certain restrictions for AR-15 type rifles.  Every member of the 27th "Wolfhounds" is in
compliance with these restrictions.

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G.I.  Equipment
Walter Hanna
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July 28, 2012
1. Helmet w/liner, M-1 pattern with "Mitchell" camouflage
cover & helmet band.

2. Equipment Belt, M-56 - green canvas with hook & ball
buckle or "quick-release" buckle.

3. Ammunition Pouch, M-56 - green canvas, two each for
20 round M-16 or M-14 magazines.

4. Load Bearing Suspenders / H-Straps, M-56 - green
canvas w/hooks/snaphooks for attaching to belt.

5. Canteen & Cover, M-56 - green canvas, two each of
aluminum or plastic canteens (green)

6. Pack, M-56 or M-61 - green canvas, buttpack style that
clips to rear of equipment belt w/H-Straps.

7. 1st Aid / Compass Pouch, M-56 - green canvas,
minimum of 1 each, with snap closure.

8.. Entrenching Tool & Cover, M-56 or M-43 - green
canvas with folding style shovel

9. Bayonet & Scabbard, M-7 for M-16 Rifle.

10. M-16 / M-16A1 Rifle
(AR-15 Variant), Blank-adapted
"Hollywood Style",
CA legal with bullet button
or Blank Firing Only Non-Gun ("BFONG").
G.I. M-1956 Field Gear
Thanks to MOORE MILITARIA for equipment examples
All above items available
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M-1 Helmet w/liner & camouflage cover
M-16A1 Rifle w/forward assist
M-16 Rifle (early style - no forward assist, 3-prong flash hider