"C" Company, 27th Regt.
25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army
"WOLFHOUNDS" in VIETNAM, 1966 to 1971
The 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 27th Infantry Regiment were assigned to the 2nd
Brigade, 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam originally headquartered in Cu Chi
northwest of Saigon in January 1966.  During the period from the summer of 1966 to the
spring of 1967 the 25th Division was the largest division in Vietnam with four brigades
under its command, the division's 1st and 2nd Brigades as well as the 3rd Brigade, 4th
Division and the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. From September through November 1966
these units participated in Operation Attleboro in War Zone C east of Tay Ninh City. It
was up to that time, the largest major unit operation of the war and after intense fighting
in November resulted in the defeat of the 9th Viet Cong Division. Lessons learned were
successfully applied by the Tropic Lightning in Operations Cedar Falls and Junction
City conducted in War Zone C in early 1967.

A description of Operation Attleboro can be read by clicking on this link: the official U.S.
Army historical study of Operation Cedar Falls-Junction City.  

From 1966 to 1970, the Division fought the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong
north and west of Saigon. During the 1968 Tet Offensive the 25th stopped the Viet Cong
attempts to seize Tan Son Nhut airfield and participated in the defense of Saigon. The
Tropic Lightning consistently defeated the Communists forces where ever they found
them in the Iron Triangle, Boi Loi Woods, HoBo Woods, Hoc Mon, Tay Ninh, War Zone
C and Cambodia.

Click Here:
to see videos of the 25th Infantry Division combat operations.

The Vietnamization of the war and the withdrawals of U.S. forces began in 1969. On 8
December 1970, the 25th Infantry Division departed Vietnam for Schofield Barracks
(Hawaii) less its 2nd Brigade which became a separate brigade under II Field Forces
control. The 2nd Brigade operated in the Long Binh and Xuan Loc areas east of Saigon
until its departure for Schofield Barracks on 30 April 1971. The 25th Infantry Division
served gallantly for 1,716 days in Vietnam receiving participation credit for twelve
Vietnam campaigns and being twice awarded the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with
Palm. Eight Tropic Lightning units were awarded Presidential Unit Citations and eleven
received Valorous Unit Awards. 21 Tropic Lightning soldiers were awarded the Medal of

Historian Eric Bergerud focused on the experiences of Tropic Lightning soldiers in
Vietnam in his book, "Red Thunder, Tropic Lightning: The World of a Combat Division
in Vietnam".
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