"C" Company, 27th Regt.
25th Infantry Division, U.S. Army
"WOLFHOUNDS" in VIETNAM, 1966 to 1971
What can I expect in Vietnam War Reenacting?
Reenacting U.S. Army in Vietnam is very similar to reenactments of the Civil War and Revolutionary War, etc.  The difference is that the uniforms,
equipment, and the vehicles used during the 1960's are contemporary designs.  That means you can  listen to phonographs, use land-line telephones and
radio equipment.  A lot of the equipment is original and using that original equipment gives a great feeling of living the history of the Era.  To reenact
Vietnam, you can expect camaraderie of fellow historians who want to honor the sacrifices of their fathers, grandfathers and other family members.  You
can expect fun and excitement of taking to the field and fighting in the jungles and bunkers of a "re-created" battlefield.  Most of all, you can gain a
respect for all the people of this world who suffered through that terrible, misunderstood time in our history.
Where do the battle reenactments/public displays take place?
There are two  "battles" each year.  One in the Spring, and one in the Fall.  These battles take place at a site in Northeast Ventura County.  Public
displays occur at "Old Fort MacArthur Days" (San Pedro) in July and "Marching Thru History" (Chino) in October.
How much does it cost?
To build your basic G.I. uniform, it will cost approximately $200.00 This includes the cost of cap, jungle uniform (pants, shirt, belt, and boots).  Add
another $800 dollars for a rifle, helmet, and field gear.  
NOTE: Some loaner uniforms & gear are available to new members.
The purpose of this gear is
NOT for interested persons to TRY OUT Vietnam War reenacting.  It is for a new member who, because of budget
constraints, is missing a crucial portion of gear to make his impression correct.  
THIS IS AN EXPENSIVE HOBBY, although after the initial purchase
of basic gear, the costs will go way down.  It takes about
$1600.00 dollars to get all the basic gear you would need to really enjoy this hobby.
Note: When money is tight, new members should purchase uniforms and equipment over time.  MOORE MILITARIA makes the only authorized Jungle
Uniform.  By buying the minimal uniform first for camp, this will allow you to come to a public display as a soldier on a work party or when he is relaxing
in camp off-duty.  
To attend battles every soldier needs a minimum of: JUNGLE UNIFORM, BOOTS, BELT, & HELMET!  Other gear
(canteens, ammo pouches, rifle, etc.)
is available for loan to attend the battles.

FOR G.I. Uniforms: click here & G.I. Equipment: click here
Each member is responsible in acquiring their basic uniform/equipment/weapon needed to take to the field.  We are serious about honoring the sacrifices
of America's soldiers..  We won't force you to come out to have fun.  You get what you put into it.  We strive hard to be authentic and have fun in the
process.  If you are male, 17 1/2 years or older, healthy, motivated to learn, willing to do your research, and still interested,
Prospective Recruits:
least one wrong item.

CONTACT: Walter Hanna, 27th Regiment NCO at

Walter Hanna
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