Ladies of the Regiment
Reenacting Women
A Message from one of the Divisional Ladies
Well ladies, many of you may feel just like me.  I got tired of our men having so much fun and ease in finding
period clothing and information for our reenacting.  So I went on a search and found some great sites on
clothing, shoes, hair and so on.  It's our turn to shine.

I hope you gals get some use out of these websites.  If any of the ladies out there have some more great
websites on  women in the early 20th Century, please feel free to email me Michaela at
this site will be updated as more info becomes available.
                                                                                              Michaela,  January 2004.
Sit Down, Relax, and have some Fun!
History in Fashion
For the "fingerwaves and rolls" Check your local beauty supply
stores.  I found clamps (for the waves) and "rats" for the rolls
Nylon Stockings
For History of Women in the 1940's & World War II

Check local swap meets, vintage clothing and second-hand stores and of course:  E-Bay                        GOOD HUNTING!